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The deadline for mailing your claim is January 8, 2005. This deadline will not be extended.

Claim Forms and Instructions.

To receive settlement benefits for your eligible purchases of Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Office, Excel, Word, Works Suite or Home Essentials 97 or 98, you will need to complete one of the two claim forms described below.

Please select either the Standard Claim Form or a Volume License Claim Form, whichever applies to you.

Standard Claim Form: Use this form if you purchased a computer with Microsoft software already installed or if you purchased eligible Microsoft products at a retail store, by mail, or on the Internet. Do not use this form if you were an Open, Select or Enterprise volume licensing customer any time before December 15, 2001 (see below).

Select one of the following links to help you complete the claim form:
  • Get a Standard Claim Form Now
  • Standard Claim Form Instructions
    Volume License Claim Form: Use this form if you purchased any eligible Microsoft products through Microsoft’s Open, Select, or Enterprise Agreement licensing plans. If you were a Volume License customer at any time before December 15, 2001, you may make claims for all of your eligible Microsoft product purchases by using this claim form. You do not need to use the Standard Claim Form.

    Select one of the following links to help you complete the claim form:
  • Get a Volume License Claim Form Now
  • Volume License Claim Form Instructions
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